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Yoga x HIIT+ Classes

1 hour 'live' streamed YOGA x HIIT+ classes, May 7 - 28

  • 1 hour
  • 25 Canadian dollars
  • Online classes. Live streamed classes from City Centre Artist Lodge

What I'm offering

Energize and optimize your whole mind/body with the empowering and transformative practice known as Yoga x HIIT + or *Yoga Shred® Give yourself the endurance building, stress reducing, flexibility increasing benefits of a slow flow yoga practice combined with the *fat burning, *age defying, muscle sculpting, cardio boosting benefits of HIIT... and liberate your life's energy! So you can stop giving out till you burn out and give more time and energy back to YOU! Each 1 hr class is a weave of 8-20 minutes (2-4 rounds) of fast twitch muscle activating HIIT with endurance building, soul restoring yoga flow, myofascial release and Delia's signature physics based, somatic play. *Class schedule: Every Saturday and Wednesday May 7- 28 at noon pt. *Please note there is an extra class Monday May 9 at noon pt. For those of you tired of online classes there is limited space for 1-3 of you to join me live in person. Please contact me to book. *Yoga Shred® is a holistic fusion of fast-twitch muscle activating HIIT (High intensity interval training) movement built from joint-safe, anatomically informed yoga poses, created by master yoga teacher Sadie Nardini. The 'shreds' are done in 3 or 4 vigorous, 4 minute rounds of Tabata timing (20 secs activity and 10 secs rest x 8 rounds = 4 mins). HIIT is best practiced for 15-20 minutes, 3-4 times a week. *Please note: If you want access to the zoom recordings of each class to practice with on your own timing throughout the week, consider purchasing the 6 or 8 class packages at discounted rates . *HIIT increases your BMR (basal metabolic rate) so you can keep burning energy (fat) — even while you're resting. *HIIT boots the production of mitochondrial (power engine of the cell) building proteins. About your teacher: Delia has been teaching Hatha Yoga for 20 yrs. She is a certified Yoga Shred® teacher, an accomplished dance artist with over 30 yrs experience and a master in physics based *contact improvisation. Delia is also accredited in Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains: Structure and Function (myofascial anatomy) and has been 'freaking out" about the wonders of the human body for most of her life. * That means Delia can lift a 185 lbs man over her shoulders and slide him down her back!

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