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Dissolve the barriers to your most inspired self and awaken to a life of boundless flow

About the Program

I believe discovering and awakening to our purpose is a birth right. When it comes to life-dispensing creative energy — whether you’re an artist, a care giver, an activist or an executive — no one is left empty handed. Each of us has unique gifts and abilities, and a one-of-a-kind contribution to make here on planet earth. We aren’t meant to struggle to get by, only to live disconnected and die unfulfilled. We are designed to struggle so that we can learn, grow, express and awaken to ALL that is inside of us.

If you are resonating with this, I invite you to let this be your call to stand up and step in. Step into a process of growth and discovery. Step into FLOW.

FLOW is a 4-month group coaching program for dedicated, creative, intelligent women like you who are ready to break from the old patterns, and reclaim their power to play a much bigger game. The game of living fully awake, on point, on purpose and in possibility.

So let’s do it. Let’s take a stand for each other and for ourselves. Let’s finally break with the cultural double-bind that has us either sacrificing our wellbeing for our work/mission/family or swapping our inspiration for security and stability. Let’s live as nature intended: awake, inspired and flowing with creative possibility — knowing that whatever challenges life draws into our waters, we can utilize them towards the greater flourishing of ourselves and everyone around us.

FLOW is a unique opportunity to receive personalized coaching and training from me* and to experience what it is to be supported and championed — nourished from the inside out by other highly committed women like you, who are reaching higher.

So what do you say, want to step into the FLOW?

* My coaching methodology is informed by my 30+ years as a creator, performer, facilitator, teacher and mentor in the arts, 20 years as a yoga teacher, 2.5 yrs of study with transformational educator Dr Claire Zammit at The Institute for Women Centered Coaching and my ongoing study into bioenergetic healing and transformation with Dr. Sue Morter

Need more info?

Here’s the nuts and bolts of the program… read the full program description by downloading the pdf below.

FLOW runs from Sunday, November 5 ’23 - Sunday, February 11th, ’24

During the 4 month program:

  • We’ll meet on Sundays at 5:00 pm, in-person with a small group of 5-8 women, approximately once per week* (less in Dec/Jan) for 1- 1.5 hrs** at a time.

  • Each month you’ll receive 1 theme-setting meditation practice (audio or video recording) and 1 contemplative questionnaire - that you can use throughout the month, to support you in the process.

  • Plus you will receive 5 *** private coaching sessions with me.

*At opening session the group will determine how we will accommodate anyone who is sick and/or unable to attend due to emergency.

**Opening, second and closing sessions will be 1 1/2 - 2 hours and all regular sessions will be 1 hour - 1hr & 15mins (depending on the size of the group).

***1-1 sessions can be scheduled either in-person or online throughout the 4 months. (The 5th session is a bonus integration session to be scheduled for 1 month after the process completes.)

What kind of results can you expect?

As I mentioned above clients have achieved significant results, including…

  • Living in alignment with their life purpose

  • Discovering their unique genius gifts

  • Cultivating impactful leadership skills

  • Navigating life transitions with ease

  • Finding fulfilling work - with increased pay!

  • Establishing wellness routines that are sustainable and satisfying

  • Deeper life happiness and satisfaction

  • Increased confidence, resilience and self love

  • Ability to respond intuitively and creatively in any situation - even the difficult ones!

  • Improved conflict resolution skills

  • Greater love and harmony in all their relationships

  • Increased creativity, clarity, focus and vitality.

  • Ability to take on new challenges, try new things and have more fun while they’re doing it!

So as you're probably getting by now this is a pretty BIG opportunity and it will require a considerable investment of your time, commitment – and money.

So just how much are we talking about?

The included 15-17 hours of group and 5 hours of 1-1 coaching sessions (22hrs), plus the additional recordings and resources I described above would regularly be priced around $3,000. But since I’m passionate about creative entrepreneurs like myself having access to this life changing work, I’m currently offering FLOW for only $2,200.*

Since spots are limited and I want to create the most congruent group possible, I’m asking people to book a brief interview/conversation with me and if we both agree it is a fit, I will be able to enrol you right away.

Click here to book your 20-30 min conversation with me today and let’s get this river of transformation flowing. I hope to see you in the program.

*If money is a barrier right now, don’t worry, there are payment plans available so you can still participate. I want you to be able to transform those $ barriers ASAP!

Your Instructor

Delia Brett

Delia is a transformational coach, artist, movement motivator, and teacher. With her gifts of deep, somatic listening, her eye for the extraordinary, and her experience in collaborative ways of knowing, Delia has mid-wifed many miraculous worlds into being. Whether through her artistic career which began as a teenage actor and evolved into a 30-year career as a dancer and choreographer or her lifelong practice and mastery of Contact Improvisation*, or her 20 years as a yoga teacher, Delia’s powers of attunement have blossomed into unparalleled proportions.

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