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You like to play between the lines.

You make connections where others don’t.

You can make a lot happen for other people.

But you’re tired, stressed, frustrated, confused.

Something is not working and it hasn’t for awhile.

You can’t find traction. You can't find flow.

It feels like you are being pushed and pulled in too many directions,

and you are struggling to hold it all together. 

You just want to get back to YOU,

a you that feels radiant, whole, balanced, and inspired. 

And something, something is telling you the time is NOW.



I have a big vision. I see the possibility of a humanity restored to its natural, creative radiance, where the inhabitants of planet earth feel healthy, whole and inspired to participate in the ever-evolving, ever-burgeoning promise of life, trusting in their own capacity to learn and grow no matter what stage and 'station’ of life they are in.

In this vision I see YOU.

I see you playing all out, free to move, express, and explore the full spectrum of your potential. 

I see YOU as an artist.

And, instead of feeling  trapped inside a one size fits all box or relegated to work in the margins, I see you thriving inside a culture that supports and values all that you bring.

Because in my vision we're ALL artists – in that each one of us feels at home in their body, alive in their senses, awake to their dreams and connected to the divine spark within.

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Become the living, breathing, work of art you were born to be.


Discover the unique pathway that will transform you from ‘fine’ to divine.

I help strong, spirited, intelligent people who feel stuck in a cycle of over-giving and overworking utilize their powers of creativity – their curiosity, commitment and expertise on their own behalf to make the journey from exhaustion to wholeness, resentment to connection and deficiency to fullness. 

I help you come home to your Art-Full-Well – the wellspring of your inner-most knowing, from which your deepest yearnings, creativity and vitality flow. 

This is a sacred space and a deep dive where I bring all my artistry, care and commitment to collaborate with you, to call forth the insights, creativity, and ingenuity that you and only YOU were born to create. 


Let's see what we can discover together.

Book your free 50 min coaching session with me today. 

"Delia’s sincere ability to connect and listen to all the stories without losing site of my deeper needs and aspirations provided me the space to become more alert to my own needs and desires - with clear and measurable growth after each session! Through our time together, I was able to transform a lack of confidence from old trauma and stress into renewed purpose, strength and connection. I’m now able to see my past experiences as growth opportunities that helped me develop into the compassionate agent for change that I am today. And, the best part, my increased self confidence helped me chart a whole new career path and win a position in a field of work that truely nurishes my soul!"


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