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Delia is a transformational coach, artist, movement motivator, and teacher. With her gifts of deep, somatic listening, her eye for the extraordinary, and her experience in collaborative ways of knowing, Delia has mid-wifed many miraculous worlds into being. Whether through her artistic career which began as a teenage actor and evolved into a 30-year career as a dancer and choreographer or her lifelong practice and mastery of Contact Improvisation*, or her 20 years as a yoga teacher, Delia’s powers of attunement have blossomed into unparalleled proportions.

And now, as a women-centered transformational coach, she turns her artistry towards you – to collaborate with you, to inspire the insights, creativity, and ingenuity that you and only you were born to express, contribute and create with your life energy. So that you can transform the places you’ve been stuck, lost, and losing traction in your life into opportunities for growth – and become the living, breathing, work of art you were born to be.


* a dance of attention and physics that is collaboratively generated from a moment-to-moment exchange between two or more bodies.


If there is anything an artist needs more than her craft, it’s hope.


In 2019, I had one of the most challenging, creative, stressful, life-changing years of my life. That year I created three original productions with my creative partner of MACHiNENOiSY. Each of them, feats of imagination and dedication that were years in the making, and each production an irrefutable testament to our courage and commitment to reach higher.


And even though there were many other exquisite things that I experienced that year, including an incredible month-long trip to Greece, by New Year's Eve of 2019, I had reached an all-time low - or an all-time peak you could say – of existential crisis. And with all ambition drained from my body, shivering by a wood stove, in a cabin on Gabriola I sat reeling inside of questions like, “How did I get here?”, “How did it all go so wrong?”, “How could I have given so much and feel so undervalued?”, and the one worst of all, “How could I be such a masterful artist and feel so incapable of ever creating anything again?”...


In the 35 years of being a working human, I've experienced many things. I've studied in many different modalities, trained with many brilliant teachers, and received many certifications. I've collaborated with hundreds of artists, lead hundreds of projects, and worked with hundreds of teams. I’ve rolled, stomped, sang, howled, and whirled around countless stages for hundreds of thousands of people. I’ve lifted, hugged, squeezed, leaned on, caught, encouraged and guided  humans of nearly every age, gender identity, ethnicity, and background. My life has been full – very full.​ And just like you, I’ve worn many hats. Mine have been called: Actor, Dancer, Improvisor, Choreographer, Director, Producer, Speaker, Writer, Teacher, Mentor, Leader and most recently, Women Centered Transformational Coach.


But with all the change and uncertainty in our 'post pandemic' world, I’ve been feeling a strong urge to consolidate. So, as of now, I’m placing all my hats into one big hat, hoping I never have to take it off and calling it 'Creator'.


Because the truth is, regardless of the changes in our world – playing in between the lines, discovering connection, beauty and flow has always been my MO. So, whether I'm facilitating your movement in a yoga or contact class, collaborating with you in production, or creating space for your insights in coaching conversation the ‘hat’ I'm really wearing is the calling of my heart and soul to be the weave, container, champion and instigator of your creative evolution.



I help strong, spirited, intelligent people utilize their powers of creativity on their own behalf to make the journey from exhaustion to wholeness and come home to their ART–FULL–WELL.

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