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"Delia’s sincere ability to connect and listen to all the stories without losing site of my deeper needs and aspirations provided me the space to become more alert to my own needs and desires - with clear and measurable growth after each session! Through our time together, I was able to transform a lack of confidence from old trauma and stress into renewed purpose, strength and connection. I’m now able to see my past experiences as growth opportunities that helped me develop into the compassionate agent for change that I am today.

And, the best part, my increased self confidence helped me chart a whole new career path and win a position in a field of work that truely nurishes my soul!"


"I would not be where I am today without Delia. She helped me breakthrough inner barriers that were holding me back. Doing the meditations taught me how to connect to my power, the universe and others from the deepest part of me. Now, I am truly being my full, radiant self in all situations – including owning my vision for more impactful leadership as a business owner and as a parent. It could have taken me years to fully acknowledge and transform all that I did in my few months of coaching with Delia."


"Delia brings so much knowledge, warmth and positive energy to her teaching she makes the workouts sessions fun. I appreciate her holistic approach, the variety of the activities, and the flexibility and accessibility of the program. I looked forward to getting the boost of Delia’s daily messages her as well as her constant encouragment to work through the sessions at my own pace."


"I am delighted to testify to the brilliance of a class with Delia. Each class is unique and tailored to the participants with thoughtful, grounded and sometimes playful commentary. I have personally received specific feedback that has helped me improve my daily practice. I look forward to practicing with Delia whenever possible."


"Delia's generosity, wisdom and caring presence has profoundly supported my growth as an artist and person. Her encouragement has supported me to be courageous in my vulnerability and to share my truth. I am ever grateful for the ways she has held space for me to be messy and unsure while guiding me through challenging moments. I so appreciate the specificity and honesty in her offerings and how profoundly they have enhanced my creative process and craft in my art-making."


"Through working with Delia, I received the gift of time and presence. Delia's gaze, both silky and firm, held me, allowing my process to unfold at its own rhythm. Her guidance opened new doors and unlocked pathways that I wouldn't have noticed otherwise. Both sensitive and fierce, Delia holds strong embodied knowledge and improvisational skills that allows her to support others with grace, wisdom and a touch of spice."


"I learned more about myself in the past year than I did in all of the rest of my adult life. Delia was so present and engaging, she always put me at ease. She saw me, and not the stories, I was so deeply stuck in. She helped me realize that it’s ok to take up space, that I’m not too much – in fact, I’m an energy generator! In our work together, I learned how to overcome self deprecating habits and take charge of my own life and dreams. I am now successfully charting a whole new career path, I’ve broken through to a new level of presence and professionalism as a dancer and I am moving into greater leadership roles at work and in my community. I am here and ready to shine!”


"I really enjoyed 21 Days to GROW. The program made me feel more energetic and taller. Delia’s instructions were very clear and delivered with patience and understanding. Her demonstrations of variations for the HIITs offered options to try over time, and the 21 day program and videos enabled me to set up my own home routine."


"The 21 Days to G.R.O.W. program is a well curated yoga journey for your body and soul. The variety of the program injects balance into a busy life in a supportive, encouraging virtual environment. Every day is different - in activity, in duration, each hitting something you really need and maybe didn't know it. Delia's supportive presence is felt - from her insights during each session to her regular check-ins. If you miss a day...or two...or's okay, tune back in when you can. That kind of understanding and patience is exactly what we need to give ourselves every day. The program has given me the opportunity to see what I truly need and do it. Less busy time, more me time."


"Delia is an intuitive transformational coach. Her sessions opened me up to my potential and gave me confidence that has transformed my career and the way I perceive myself: including finding a new job."


"In Delia, consciousness meets embodiment. Delia is supportive, wise, articulate and compassionate. Delia has always been a powerful artist to share the room with. Whether as a teacher, choreographer, performer, dramaturge, collaborator or friend Since 2002, Delia has been a central mentor to my creative life as an artist. I like to ask Delia's advice on both personal and professional topics because I know I'll walk away from the conversation with a greater sense of empathy, a more full spectrum perspective, and a clearer vision of my own direction. She thinks deeply about ethics, personal power, and identity, so in these ways, empowers women specifically. Her direct, no nonsense approach to art and to life inspires me to be as unapologetically myself as possible."


"Delia is a highly skilled yoga instructor that provides a dynamic, informative and mindful experience in her classes. My yoga practice has evolved and strengthened, as a result of her hands on adjustments to my poses, a deepened understanding of the core muscles and how to engage them and detailed instructions on how to connect and align properly in the poses. Although Delia's classes can be challenging at times, she always offers alternatives to poses to meet your specific needs and body type. I love that she also leads a pre and post class meditation complete with a group "Ohm". I feel her classes are well-balanced with inward reflection, knowledge, stretching and strengthening in a positive and encouraging environment. "


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