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ART FULL WELL Transformational Coaching

Become the living breathing work of art you were born to be.

What I'm offering

The ART FULL WELL: Transformational Coaching Discover the unique pathway that will transform you from 'fine' to DIVINE. For strong, spirited, intelligent people who are ready to make the shift from overextending to overflowing and radically transform their lives. The Art-Full-Well, when your aspirations for greater mental, physical and energetic well-being are sourced in connection to your creative spirit and where your creative work in the world is supported through your radiant wellness. Each, 3 or 6 month, 1-1 coaching program is designed specifically for you. This is a sacred space and a deep dive, where I bring all my artistry, care and commitment – to collaborate with you, to call forth the insights, creativity and ingenuity that you and only you were born to express, contribute and create with your life energy. What is possible for you through our work together: 1. Create the artful self support and wellness system you need to thrive. 2. Discover your unique creative genius. 3. Increased capacity to ‘think like an artist’ and take ‘outside the box’ action. 4. Power to respond generatively to the challenges of life and remain curious and resourceful in the face of uncertainty. 5. Feel more confident and on purpose in all that you do- at work and at home. 6. Discover your power to influence and inspire others for positive change. 7. Profound ability to ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’, so to speak and make decisions that will have you thriving in less time, with less effort and more ease. 8. Ability to negotiate conflicts in personal and professional relationships in a way that inspires self responsibility and deepens trust. 9. Natural radiance and authentic confidence that makes you magnetic to support. 10. Discover the unique context and platform that will support the flourishing of your gifts in the world – and the confidence to bring it forth!

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