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Being the light in the dark

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Tonight is the darkest night of the year in the northern hemisphere.

So, with the new wave of restrictions here in BC, meant to control the spread of the omicron variant, comes another, darker wave of concern – a growing fear for the economic, ecological, physical, and emotional wellbeing of ourselves, our loved ones and our larger world.

And, for many of us here in the west who live in relative privilege, it's easy on this sacred night to ignore its unique significance and instead opt to appease our weary hearts with another night of Netflix and takeout. I know. I was tempted myself.

But if I've learned anything through this time of increased uncertainty and accelerated change its that my 'wee' life matters. And if, what I create, say and do can make a difference in the lives of those around me then I want to make sure that my whole being – body, mind and soul is feeling as nourished, resourced and as up to task as possible.

So, on this sacred night of winter solstice, the longest night of the year, the night before the light returns, with the guidance of Claire Zammit, Feminine Power and the Institute of Women Centered Coaching and Leadership, I connected with 1000 other women around the globe to celebrate and reflect on all that, I/ we/each of us, have created and released over the last year.

So that each us, for ourselves, could turn towards the year to come with renewed connection to our power and ability to learn, with restored commitment to meet the challenges of this unprecedented time with whole heartedness, compassion and grit. So that we may each serve in our unique way all those that we are called to serve in this lifetime – and hold nothing back.

While 'me, myself and I' alone is not enough to change the world, when I reach out of the cold familiar comfort of 'little, old, lonely, isolated me' and I extend myself to others from a place of gratitude for all that I have been gifted in this life – something magical happens. I feel a heat and glow catch hold in my heart and I feel hope where I thought there was none, I feel power when I thought I had none and most miraculous of all, I feel lit up in connection to the flickering hearts of those around me.

So with this soul fire burning bright inside of me, I want to invite YOU to celebrate with me all that YOU have created, all that YOU have released and ALL THAT YOU ARE BECOMING, so that we can waste not another moment of the precious time we have together to give all that we were born to give and contribute all that we were meant to contribute to the health of our greater world – because I/we/each of us, needs you/me and each other – we cannot do it alone.

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Juhli Weiss
Juhli Weiss
Dec 22, 2021

I needed to read this on this dark night. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your light ❤️

Delia Brett
Delia Brett
Dec 22, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for reflecting it back to me Juhli! 🌟

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